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Coping With Craft Withdrawal

Howdo Crafters! Times are a bit crazy and sometimes a bit scary right now, am I right? So what I thought I’d do is share with you a few things that have got me through these ‘Lockdown Days’ and my constant struggle with ‘Craft Withdrawal’.

The first thing we did in our house was have that deep clean that we’d been promising since last spring – it was quite cathartic and we have found that being locked down in a shiny clean home is much nicer than stepping over cat toys, books, grimy children etc!

Next step, teach the kids to do the washing up. Now, I can’t lie, though this has been mastered, they are still struggling with the ‘No Arguing Whilst Washing Up’ rule, but you know – baby steps!

Use your allotted exercise time wisely. While Mr Crafty and myself have been enjoying the odd wander along the beach or bike ride (all whilst strictly adhering to social distancing rules obviously), my favourite part about this time has been being able to put my earphones in and tune out from all the noise of the outside world (and if it drowns out the aforementioned kid’s arguments then that’s an added bonus!)

Jigsaw puzzles and games nights have seen a resurgence in the last few weeks, and let’s be completely honest with ourselves right now, who doesn’t enjoy giving the kids a complete whooping at Monopoly and calling the subsequent “In Your Face People!” ‘Character Building’!

We’ve also enjoyed re-visiting our pasts during this strange time – just the other night, Mr Crafty and I dusted off the old SNES (anyone under the age of 30 – it is an old computer console, used to be cutting edge – don’t judge!) and popping in a bit of Super Mario Bros. It was very soon after we started playing that we remembered that we were both rubbish at this game but it was still fun, and the added addition of sneaky chocolate that we snaffled while the kids were asleep just made it even better!

We have the radio on quite a lot now. It has been a welcome distraction from the computer and tv screens, however, we have noticed that many stations play the same songs at least 5 times a day every day – we have started to speculate that these stations only have 4 CD’s that they work from and they just alternate them on a week by week basis! Our dining table conversation sounds a bit like this – “Ooooh, sounds like CD 2 today, they’ve only played Ed Sheeran 12 times so far today!”

Movie nights are a must during Lockdown – so long as you can get past the hideous task of all actually agreeing on a film! (A tough one in a house of 5 when we have a comedy fan, a horror fan, an action fan, a Disney fan and one that just likes to argue for the sake of it!)

Pre-planning the weekly meals has been much easier, we write them on the kitchen chalkboard and that makes it easier to do the essential shopping. It also has cut down the “What’s for dinner?” conversations, though it hasn’t completely cut them out yet!

In conclusion, we have found that by enjoying the small things, by appreciating having our family close, finding things to laugh about and keeping a positive mental attitude we can pretty much get through anything. And if all else fails, we have found that beer can soften the blows of the days where none of the above has gone to plan,  wine helps drown out the whining and tomorrow is a brand new day to try again. And again. And again!!

Keep safe everyone, huge thanks to all our keyworkers braving every day, we appreciate all you are doing to keep us safe and the country ticking along.

Talk soon, Love Cat xx