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It all started with that one grey hair…….

Recently I found my first grey hair. It was quite long so it had obviously made itself comfortable on my head, possibly made friends with it’s neighbouring blonde counterparts – who knows, maybe even put down a substantial deposit on that spot on my scalp it had chosen to reside. I had just washed my face (toned and moisturised – a girl has to keep up with her skincare regime!!) and was about to brush my teeth when there it was. Right at the front. Bold as brass! I pulled it out at the roots, comparing it a garden weed and gave it a hard look. It was just one hair, but it felt like the end of my youth and the start of something new.

So now I thought about all the things I was too old for and the things I wouldn’t be able to achieve – after all, I’d found a grey hair, I wasn’t a kid any more! I was far too old for those modern radio stations – I would have to retune to one of those ‘easy listening’ ones. I was far too old for concerts – do you realise how much damage is done to your hearing at one of those things?? I would have to start to dress my age and wear flat shoes and start drinking a ‘medicinal’ sherry after dinner to aid my digestion. I was far too old to stay out partying until daybreak – Bed after the ten o clock news was probably to be my new routine, most likely wearing my brand new brushed cotton nightie. The thoughts of everything I couldn’t do and wouldn’t do were keeping me up at night – I felt remorse for decisions I couldn’t change, actions I had and hadn’t taken and most of all, would I still feel like me while I was changing into a more mature woman?

While I’m still coming to terms with the whole ‘getting older’ thing, I must admit that even though I am more mature in years, I can’t say that I am in the head! I decided that now was the time to take some big leaps in my life so I am now trying to learn a new skill every month (this month is box card making – super fun!), I am looking at ways to make the Crafty Cat empire more well known online and by word of mouth and I have even started networking with other lovely business people like me, trying to get their messages out there. It has been an uphill slog but I have called this my NEW YEARS REVOLUTION! It’s not a resolution as those get broken and forgotten – this is my own independent revolution to get to know the more vintage me. I will definitely find more grey hairs, there will be more lines on my face and bits of me may well start sagging at some point, but I guess that as long as I am ok with that, things can only be ok!

On a side note, I have recently been ice-skating for the first time and I loved it. Didn’t even need to use one of those push along things like the kids and once we had finished, we had a slush puppy each and mine had a cheeky voddy in it. Can’t do that when you’re still a whippersnapper! Also, my very great friend recently had her birthday/engagement party. We played musical statues – which I am the master at! – and musical bumps! I woke up the next day covered in bruises, my back ached and my hips felt like they were attached to someone else but I still managed to beat every kid in the room. Not bad for an old bird!!

That’s it for this week, try something new and let me know all about it.

Love Cat xx

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