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Getting Motivated To Get Motivated

My family did the most amazing thing this week. Mr Crafty and all three kittens took the challenge to cycle eighteen miles to raise money for our local hospice. They did it in just over two hours and fifteen minutes and I couldn’t have been prouder of them all!

Seeing them do something so amazing made me think it was time for me to get motivated. Well, I needed to motivate myself to GET motivated!

You see the problem is this; I spend all day crafting, creating and refurbishing, then at night I go to my other job (we’ll talk about that another day, but I digress) so when I come home I’m wide awake and ready to get going again. I work and work and work until I burn out and I go from being a mummy to a mombie! (See what I did there?!)

While being a workaholic is great for the ambitious, for the average joe like myself it can play havoc with having a balanced home life. My friends don’t see me for weeks on end, I often get calls just checking I’m still clutching to this mortal coil, Mr Crafty and the kittens genuinely almost forget what I look like, and my most regular conversation comes from the local delivery man!

So here’s where my New Year’s Revolution has come in. While I’m still rubbish at answering the phone (no, I don’t want you to check my PPI status!) and a text message may take hours to be returned, I am making more of a conscious effort to be more present in peoples lives, even if it’s just a quick coffee and catch up – and I’ve been known to attend the opening of an envelope at the mere promise of a good cake! (Or even an average cake; as someone who can’t bake I can’t get precious about this stuff!)

I have even booked to attend at least eight fairs this year, hoping to defeat my crushing shyness and get to meet some of you lovely folk! (Details of these events on the Facebook page)

I may not be conquering Everest anytime soon, however, sometimes just getting up, putting on my big girl pants and facing each day as the exciting challenge it is is motivation enough to get me motivated!

Keep Crafty, Love Cat xx

Picture courtesy of Animal Wallpapers – Desktop Nexus