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Taking A Big Leap……..

Howdo Crafters, Cat here!

Welcome to my new blog, it’s not something I have ever really tried before so I guess we will learn together.

So first a bit about me. I live in the beautiful town of Lytham St Anne’s in Lancashire, England with my amazing partner Mr Crafty, my beautiful daughter and my two step-sons the three of which I refer to constantly as ‘The Kittens’. We are the sort of family that likes to be doing things all of the time – riding bikes, swimming, going to the cinema etc, your average everyday stuff. I myself also love to sing and can often be heard chirping around the Crafty Cottage! We also have a cat – Felix, a black tom with a white fleck under his chin, making him look like he has split food down his chest.

My journey started off like many before me – I was a single mum struggling to make ends meet but wanting a nice home to bring up my little girl. I bought pretty much all our furniture from charity shops, second hand or found bits on the side of the road, took them home and fixed them up, cleaned them up and gave them a completely new look that would fit into our home. I then started to do bits for friends and then friends of friends, then my life completely changed for the better when I met Mr Crafty!

He saw the quality and potential in my work and encouraged me to think bigger and bigger until here we are! (That was a very long story cut short but you get my jist!!)

To start a new chapter in life is a very daunting proposition but I am blessed to have the support of my fabulous family and friends helping me along in what I call ‘My Adventures In Furniture!’ I really hope that through these blogs we can also become friends and I will share with you both my highs and lows, tips and ideas and maybe even have a few giggles together.

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I think we’ll call it a day for now, I will talk to you all again soon. In the meantime, keep crafty folks!

Love Cat xx

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  1. Howdy, our beautiful craft cat. I look forward to following your adventure.
    Jillypepper x

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